Caligula's Casino

Caligula's Casino
Caligula's Casino Plans.jpgPlans for Caligula's Casino
LocationLas Venturas, San Andreas
Owned bySalvatore Leone
StaffKen Rosenberg, Millie Perkins, Salvatore Leone
Frequent visitorsCarl Johnson, Kent Paul, Maccer
Robbed byCarl Johnson, Zero, Wu Zi Mu,
Only seen in:Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


[edit] About

Caligula's Casino is a casino only seen in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Even though two characters who work there have helped the main characters in previous games, the casino serves an antagonistic-like role, playing as a rival to Carl's casino, Four Dragons Casino. The casino is owned by Salvatore Leone and the staff include Ken Rosenberg and Millie Perkins, who Carl dates to get a key card needed to rob Caligula's Casino. Carl, trying to work from the casino to learn it's weaknesses, immediately has to do work for Ken Rosenberg and Salvatore.

[edit] Missions done for the casino

[edit] Intensive care

Carl, who had previously left Johnny Sindacco in a shock induced coma, needs to be taken to his abbotior but there are three ambulances that Johnny could be in.

[edit] The Meat Business

Ken and CJ visit Johnny Sindacco at his abbotior, (Ken unaware of past experiences between Johnny and CJ), and Johnny dies from a heart attack as soon as he sees CJ. The Sindacco members start to attack CJ, as he was the main cause of Johnny's death. Ken also mistakes CJ for Tommy Vercetti.

[edit] Freefall

Salvatore Leone is introduced and tells Carl to kill Forelli assassins who are currently flying in from Liberty City.

[edit] Saint Mark's Bistro

Salvatore Leone tells Carl to fly to Liberty City and do a hit on a high-ranking Forelli member. CJ enlists the help of Ken, Kent and Maccer, but tells them to leave Salvatore alone.

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