The Buzzard destroying a yacht in Sexy Time.
GameGrand Theft Auto: Ballad of Gay Tony
AppearancesSexy Time (stolen)
Not So Fast (Used)
Departure Time (Appearance)
Noticable ownersYusef Amir

[edit] Story

The Buzzard is a Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony exclusive vehicle. It is most prominently used in Sexy Time when Luis Lopez is ordered by Yusef Amir to steal a buzzard from a private yacht. It was then used to destroy the same yacht.
The Buzzard was later used by Luis to access the roof of the Libertonian for the mission Not So Fast.
Its final appearance in BoGT was in Departure Time, used by Yusef Amir to clear Luis's path of Rodislav Bulgarin's men on the way to Francis International Airport.
After the completion of the aforementioned mission, Yusef, grateful for Luis's help, allows him access to his solid gold Buzzard.

[edit] Weaponry

To tie in with The Ballad of Gay Tony's more unrealistic nature compared with Grand Theft Auto IV, the Buzzard not only has gatling guns but includes rocket launchers with unlimited ammo as well. The guns can be used by pressing A while the rocket launchers can be used by pressing X.

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