Brucie Kibbutz

Brucie Kibbutz
Brucie Kibbutz.jpeg
VehiclesMaverick Helicopter
Squalo Boat
Huntley Sport
BusinessBrucies Execitive Lifestyle Autos
Voice ActorTimothy Adams
ResidenceMidwest (?-2000), Liberty City (2000-present)
Height6’ 0” (1.83 m)
Born23 July 1977


[edit] Information

Brucie (Born 8 july, 1977) is a car dealer/mechanic that Niko Bellic runs into through his cousin, Roman Bellic (who met Brucie online). He was born in the Midwest to a Jewish family. He's a steroid junkie who has a bit of a shady secret. [See police database for further details on that one] Brucie is an over active steroid freak who can never stop working out. This sometimes leads him to be, in his own words "less patient" than he should be with certain matters. He owns and runs "Brucie's Executive Autos", opened in 2001, a service through which wealthy customers can modify their cars. His missions include stealing cars and competing in races, as well as a few story oriented missions (four in total). Brucie starts sending Niko side missions to steal expensive vehicles for him through email after completing the Roman mission Loggin On. Also, after completing the Brucie mission No.1, Niko can call Brucie to trigger car races (10 in all) to earn extra money. He will also send you emails with links to websites he thinks you should visit. Brucie has a commercial for his lifecoach service on the radio. He can be heard on the commercial saying his motto: "Be genetically different." Brucie is very fond of Niko, affectionately calling him Nicky or NB, even though Niko is often mean and sarcastic to him. He reveals to Niko that he was not always so fit and was even picked on by the captain of the football team in high school. Brucie will occasionally advise Niko to work out more, but still considers him "genetically different." He also hates it when people think that steroids give people "funny balls." In The Lost and Damned , it is revealed in the mission 'Roman's Vacation', that Roman has seen Brucie's balls and laughed at them - thus proving that the steroids he took screwed his balls. Brucie enjoys high class places when Niko takes him out and doesn't like fast food. He is awake from 7am-1am.

[edit] Ballad of Gay Tony

Brucie is revealed to have a brother, Mori Kibbutz. They are constantly rivalling each other, leading Brucie in No. 3 to punch Mori in the face.

[edit] Friend Ability

  • When you raise Brucie's 'like' stat to 70%, Brucie will give you the ability to call him for a free helicopter ride to designated areas. He will not land directly next to you for obvious reasons. Instead, he will land to the closest designated landing spot. This ability drops off when the 'like' status goes below 40%.

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