Brian (Random Character)

Coked-up Brian (born 1979) usually the first Random Character you meet, can be found next to Roman's cab depot after the mission "It's Your Call". He is stumbling around.

First Encounter- Just approach Brian and a cutscene starts. He makes fun of your immigrant look, calls you "comrade", and gives you $100 like he was mocking you. Easy money. He also mentions some of the presidents shown on American currency.

Second Encounter- The second meeting with Brian is near Comrades Bar, where Vlad hangs out. He wants you to take him to his dealer. Take him to his dealer in Hove Beach and pull into the yellow marker. Then drop Brian off a few blocks away. Mission Complete.

Third Encounter- The last time you meet Brian is Downtown, on a street corner. He seems guilty for things he's done and wants you to help him with a nine step plan for recovery. Take him to his former dealers to apologize. However, they do not accept his apologies and start to beat him with a bat. Use drive by shooting to get rid of them before they kill Brian. Then take him back to his place.

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