Bomb Da Base II

This is an online multiplayer mission. It cannot be played alone.

The game starts with a short cutscene with Kenny Petrovic describing his problem with the new business who

In this online tribute to Grand Theft Auto III's Bomb Da Base Act II, the players chase down an armored van full of explosives, which is protected by two SUVs full of protection and armed gunmen in the van itself. The players make the van stop, kill all the gunmen and take the va to the drop off point, where a helicopter lands. The players then take the helicopter to the ship Niko came in on, The Platypus. There are two spots on the ship where you must plant explosives to start the countdown timer, they are in the hold and in the bridge. The players can split up or stay together to tackle the hordes of enemies on the ship. After both explosives are planted, the players have to get off the boat before it explodes. This is followed by an explosion scene.

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