Blog This!

Blog This! is a two part mission focusing on the minor storyline of The Celebinator.


[edit] Blog This!...

Blog This!...
Characters involvedTony Prince
Gracie Ancelotti
Luis Lopez
Car Damage0%

[edit] Walkthrough

This first half is fairly simple, only getting from Hercules to Gracie's house and then to the nearby TW@. The mission should be attempted twice, because it is very difficult accomplishing the mission beating the time and achieving 0% damage to the car in one go.
At the beginning of the mission, Ignoring the GPS, go forward and turn to right, then right again at the next intersection. Turn right again to get into Booth Tunnel and keep on the same road until Babbage Rd. Turn left and speed as fast as possible along the road until Luis reaches Gracie's house. Turn around and follow the GPS to the nearby internet cafe. Inside, go onto the internet and follow the links until the message to the Celebinator has been sent. Exit the internet cafe to complete the mission.

[edit] ...Blog This!

...Blog This!
Characters involvedTony Prince
The Celebinator
Luis Lopez
Damage to Luis0%
Time to catch Celebinator8 seconds

...Blog This! is the second part of the minor storyline, where the Celebinator is first seen in person. Tony's aim was to show to him that they weren't as bad as he had been writing about, by scaring him.

[edit] Walkthrough

From the starting point, go to the marked helipad and enter the helicopter. Go up towards The Statue of Happiness to the pink ring. Luis will start to scare the Celebinator by hanging him out the door so that if Luis lets go, Celebinator would plummet to the ground below. Luis can punch, slap or throw the Celebinator out; punching and slapping can be done as many times as wished. Throwing out the Celebinator can obviously be only done once and will lead Luis to jump out as well to catch him, pull the parachute and land safely on the land. When done, te Celebinator is shown walking away uneasily, the accompanying video revealing that he had defecated and stained his white pants.

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