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Bigfoot with CJ
FoundBack O' Beyond
Mods for PC?Yes


[edit] San Andreas

Bigfoot is a myth found only in San Andreas. It is rumoured that the creature lives in Back O' Beyond.

[edit] Hints

Many people have claimed to have seen Bigfoot in Back O' Beyond, using while using a jet pack or night vision goggles. The night vision goggles don't always work, as the player may have spotted a lost pedestrian instead of Bigfoot. While using normal vision, Back O' Beyond is always under fog, making visibility harder, and the player may have mistaken a shrub, bush, tree or lost person as Bigfoot.

[edit] Mods

Only on the PC, the player can download a mod for Bigfoot to appear and there are two mods. One is to make Bigfoot allied with the Grove Street Families, also making him a homie, or the second mod takes the form of a mission, making Bigfoot an enemy with a lot of health[1].

[edit] See Also

Bigfoot (mission)

[edit] Yeti

Carl fights the Yeti.
FoundMt. Chillad
Mods for PC?Yes

Due to the popularity of Bigfoot mods, modders also created a Yeti mod, which resides on top of Mt. Chillad. [2]. It, allegedly, has more health than all of the end of game enemies combined.

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