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Florian Cravic (Born June 16, 1978) is a man Niko Bellic served with in the Bosnian war, circa 1991-1998. He is one of the reasons Niko came to Liberty City, as he believed he had betrayed Niko and the rest of their old army unit. After Niko has completed Ray Boccino's missions, he's told where to find Cravic.

[edit] Bernie Crane

When Niko locates Florian, he finds that Florian has since changed his name to Bernie Crane. Bernie is now a stereotypical gay man, in 2001 he moved to Liberty City to escape the judgement of his country for coming out as gay. Bernie is dating the Deputy Mayor of Liberty City, Bryce Dawkins. He begs Niko's help to get rid of a number of people trying to either kill him or blackmail Bryce Dawkins due to his affair with Bernie. In 2009, he married his boyfriend Bryce Dawkins.

Bernie Crane/Florian Cravic is introduced in the mission, Weekend At Florian's.

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