Avery Carrington

Avery Carrington
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NameAvery Carrington
Nicknamebig avery
Year of birthFebruary 7, 1931
Height6' 0¼" (1.84 m)
GangVercetti gang
Year of Death1998 (Murder)
Voice actorBurt Reynolds

First Introduced: Riot (Ken Rosenburg) (Vice City)

Killed in: Panatlantic Land Grab (Donald Love) (Liberty City Stories)

Last appeared/Corpse stolen in: Morgue Party Resurrection (Donald Love)


[edit] Appearance

Avery Carrington has so far appeared in two Grand Theft Auto games, Vice City and Liberty City Stories. He appeared in Liberty City Stories as a cameo and is a supporting character in Vice City. Avery is the mentor of Donald Love.

[edit] Vice City

In Vice City, Avery is a real estate developer who gets ruthless trying to acquire land and property. He has a protégée that players might recognise as Donald Love. Avery has 3 missions in total, but becomes Tommy's ally through the game. His missions can be found in a construction site.

[edit] Vice City Mission appearances

[edit] Four Iron

[edit] Overview

Avery tells Tommy to kill a man playing golf in the Leaf Links Golf Club. He also has several bodyguards who's weapons of choice are golf clubs and would pull Tommy out of a caddy if given the chance.

[edit] Reward


[edit] Demolition Man

[edit] Overview

Avery tells Tommy to use toys with explosives to blow up another building nearby.

[edit] Notes

PC players found this mission difficult because 3 buttons need to be pressed on the keyboard, which the keyboard won't allow.

[edit] Reward


[edit] Two Bit Hit

Characters introduced: Donald Love

[edit] Notes

Can only be done after opening the second island.

[edit] Overview

Avery introduces Donald to Tommy and tells Tommy to start a gang war between the Haitans and the Cubans.

[edit] Reward


[edit] Liberty City Stories

Avery appears in Liberty City Stories in two missions as a cameo. Toni is ordered by Avery's former protégée, Donald Love, to kill Avery Carrington and steal his plans of buildings to become rich again.

[edit] Liberty City Stories appearances

[edit] Panatlantic land grab

Characters killed: Avery Carrington

[edit] Overview

Toni is ordered by Donald to kill Avery, who is being protected by the Colombian Cartel.

[edit] Rewards


[edit] Morgue Party Resurrection

[edit] Overview

Toni and Donald plan to steal Avery's corpse in an ambulance and Ned Burner's corpse in a hearse and take it to Avery's aircraft hanger for Donald to eat.

[edit] Notes

If Toni steals Avery's corpse first, Donald discovers that Avery is wearing a wig.

[edit] Reward


[edit] See also

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