Auntie Poulet

Auntie Poulet
Auntie Poulet.jpg
Real nameunknown
NicknameAuntie Poulet
ResidesLittle Haiti, Vice City
Car of choiceVoodoo
GangHaitans (leader)
games appeared inGrand Theft Auto: Vice City
Portrayed byMiss Cleo


[edit] History

Auntie Poulet (1944-) is a minor character and only appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. She is the leader of the Haitains and an antagonist to Umberto Robina and his Cuban gang. She forces Tommy Vercetti to attack the Cubans against his will, as he has got good relations with the gang and their leader. Auntie Poulet has three missions to complete before Tommy can finally be left alone.

[edit] Missions

[edit] Juju Scramble

Auntie Poulet is forced to hide special things she uses because the Police believe to be illegal drugs. Auntie forces Tommy to pick up the special things, putting his life in danger. After each bag is collected, Tommy recieves a wanted star by the police, eventually reaching 5 out of 6 stars.

[edit] Bombs Away!

Auntie Poulet's left a RC van nearby and makes Tommy take control of several RC planes and drop them on Cubans that were near Starfish Island.

[edit] Dirty Lickin's

Auntie's final mission involves making Tommy become a sniper for a gang war occurring between the Cubans and Haitans. Picking up the adrenaline pill nearby is extremely useful. Cubans arrive from all sides of the war field to attack the outnumbered Haitains group in the middle.

[edit] See also

Umberto Robina, the leader of the rival gang and Tommy is good friends with Robina.
Los Cabrones is the rival gang that is led by Umberto.

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