Arms Shortage

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Character introduced: Phil Cassidy

[edit] Information

Objective: Claude has to protect Phil Cassidy from Colombians who are trying to attack him.

Get beforehand: A weapon that can easily take out cars and people, like the rocket launcher (at this point of time can only be obtained by cheats).

How to beat the mission: Go to the toilets to meet up with Ray. He'll tell Claude that Phil had been roughed up by some Colombians and that they want to finish off Phil Cassidy. What Claude has to do to make this mission easier is to get a large vehicle, like an ambulance. After getting the large vehicle, head to Phil Cassidy's shop in the northern part of Staunton Island. Claude will get out of his vehicle to speak with Phil. After that, get Claude to move the ambulance between the Barracks OL and containers because the Colombians sneak up from behind. Take out the 3 or 4 waves of Colombians going through the moving door then destroy the ambulance to kill the Colombians trying to sneak up on Phil.

Reward: $10 000 and can be able to now purchase shotguns, M-16s and rocket launchers at Phil Cassidy's army surplus store.

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