Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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Actions Speak Louder than Words is a Gerry McReary mission.

[edit] Overview

Gerry wants Niko to attack the Ancelotti's base in Northwood, Algonquin using a bomb.

[edit] Walkthrough

From where the mission starts, go to Inchon Ave to pick up a bomb. By cab, it will cost about $7. The bomb can be found in a small alleyway next to a large dumpster. After collecting the bomb, Niko must travel to Little Italy to rig the Ancelotti car with the bomb (which, going straight by taxi, will cost about $31). After doing so, two Ancelotti men run towards the car and drive off. Niko must keep a safe distance from the men in the cars without losing them. The track through Algonquin goes through the West Way freeway before leaving at Varsity Heights. The chase ends at Northwood, at the most northmost point of Algonquin, where a warehouse is located. Niko needs to park across the road and call Gerry to activate the bomb. A cutscene follows of the warehouse being completely destroyed. The final objective is to kill the remaining Ancelottis (about 4) to complete the mission.

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