Age30 (2001)
Height6’ 2” (1.88 m)
Voice actorGuru


[edit] Appearances

8-Ball appears in Grand Theft Auto III and Liberty City Stories as a bomb maker, and inserts bombs onto any vehicle to explode. He has several bomb shops located, not just in Liberty City, but also in San Andreas and Vice City.

[edit] Bomb Shops

8-Ball has been in business ever since 1984 to 2001, as evidenced by his bomb shop located in Vice City Stories all the way to Grand Theft Auto III. In San Andreas, because of the large size of the country, there are several bomb shops (although some aren't owned by 8-Ball) all around the major cities.

[edit] In game appearances

[edit] Liberty City Stories

[edit] No Money, mo' Problems (8-Ball)

This cutscene specifically serves the mission 'Bringing the house down (8-Ball)', and in the cutscene, 8-Ball tells Toni Cipriani that he has enough money for a very large amount of explosives or that Toni has the money and can use the explosives.

[edit] Bringing the house down (8-Ball)

Toni is finally able to collect the explosives from 8-Ball and goes off to destroy a large city block.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto III

[edit] In the beginning...

Claude and 8-Ball escape from a convoy of police cars and trucks, when it explodes, destroying the bridge to Staunton Island.

[edit] Blow Fish (Toni Cipriani)

8-Ball rigs a car to explode in a fish factory that serves as the Triads hideout.

[edit] Bomb da base (Part I and II) (Salvatore Leone)

Claude and 8-Ball go on board a ship that's delivering SPANK to Liberty City to destroy it.

[edit] Kanbu Bust-out (Kenji Kasen)

Claude takes a police car to 8-Ball to destroy a wall containing a prisoner that Kenji needs out of the Police station.

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