Ricardo Diaz

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Ricardo Diaz
Ricardo Diaz.png
NameRicardo Diaz
NicknameDrug empirist
Height5' 8"
GangDiaz's Gang
Died1986 (aged 47)
Voice actorLuis Guzman

Introduced in: Steal the Deal (Vice City Stories)

Introduced in: The Party (Vice City)

Killed In: Rub out


Ricardo Diaz is introduced in the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City mission "The Party". It soon becomes apparent that he plays a large part in the gang life of Vice City. Diaz controls his own gang, who are Vice City's most powerful drug cartel. In the mission "Guardian Angels" Tommy Vercetti and Lance Vance are sent to keep an eye on him during a deal he is making. After this, Diaz starts using Tommy and Lance for his errands, but it becomes apparent that Diaz may have had a part to play in Tommy and Lance's deal being busted in the first scene of the game.


After discovering that Diaz was the one that busted his deal, Tommy begins making plans to kill Diaz. All does not go as planned however, and Lance ends up being kidnapped after trying to kill Diaz himself. Tommy kills Diaz's men and saves Lance. After this, the two hunt down Diaz at his mansion and kill him and his men. After killing them, they take over Diaz's business and mansion and begin building an empire.


Ricardo Diaz's mansion bears a striking similarity to the mansion of fictional Miami drug-lord, Tony Montana, from the movie, Scarface. He also dresses in exactly the same outfit Montana wore in the infamous chainsaw-torture scene.

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