Niko Bellic

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Niko Bellic
NameNiko Bellic
Height5’ 11” (1.81 m)
Weight180 lbs (81.64 kg)
BornJuly 14, 1978
ResidenceLiberty City (2008-)
Age30 (2008)
AssociatesBrucie Kibbutz
Vlad Glebov
Phil Bell Ray Boccino
Roman Bellic
Francis McReary
Packie McReary Derrick McReary
Gerry McReary
Kate McReary
Michelle Jimmy Pegorino
Dimitri Rascalov
Elizabeta Torres
Little Jacob
Manny Escuela
Playboy X
Dwayne Forge


Niko Bellic (Born 14 July, 1978) is the playable protagonist in the 2008 Rockstar game Grand Theft Auto IV. The game does not specify from where Niko is from, but the language he and his cousin speak is Serbian. In the beginning of the story, Niko has come to Liberty City to start a new life and get away from crime, but as the story develops we find out he has actually come to the city to track down a man who betrayed Niko during the war, causing the deaths of Niko's fellow soldiers. When Niko arrives in Liberty City, he learns that Roman had lied to Niko to bring him there. Niko was told there was a life of sports cars and women waiting for him in Liberty, but he soon realizes that this is not the case.

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