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The home page

Can be accessed on any computer in game

How and when to access

The website can be accessed at any time from any computer in the game, simply by typing in the address

The website

The page has pretty much no meaningful function apart from giving the user a five star wanted level. The site had supposedly played host to a child beauty pageant, which the LCPD has now shut down and is monitoring. Whe the player types in the address, he/she is immediately greeted with the following message:


Message from LCPD

This website for child beauty pageants has been shut down. Your IP address has been catalogued and an investigator will be contacting you soon.

We see it all, we know it all." {{{2}}}.

The result

The only result of viewing the webpage is recieving a 5 star wanted level, so unless you want one, you would be better served to stay away

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