Little Jacob

Jacob "Little Jacob" Hughes
Little jacob.jpg
NameJacob Hughes
NicknameLittle Jacob
Born5 August 1979
Age26 (2008)
Height5’ 10” (1.78 m)
AssociatesReal Badman. Niko Bellic
Voice actorCoolie Ranx

A Jamaican drug dealer and arms dealer from Dukes, Little Jacob (Born 8 December, 1981) is first introduced into the story line of Grand Theft Auto IV as an acquaintance of Niko Bellic's cousin, Roman Bellic in the mission "Jamaican Heat".

Little Jacob becomes close friends with Niko Bellic after doing a couple missions with him, he will assist Niko throughout the game by offering discounted firearms from the trunk of his car (after you hang out with him enough for him to trust you) as well as providing backup during one of the missions involving an ambush setup by Dimitri Rascalov, among other missions. Little Jacob will also offer Niko work in the form of 10 delivery jobs where Niko will have to deliver some drug packages.

Even with the aid of subtitles the writers decided to make Little Jacob's dialogue un-understandable. You spend more time trying to understand what the hell is a 'bloodclot' then actually driving which puts the fancy Euphoria engine to work because you ran into the infamous indestructable immortal trees inhabiting Liberty City.

When hanging out with Little Jacob some of the places you may want to take him is the pool hall or Cluckin' Bell.

Friendship Ability

Once you get Little Jacob's 'like' stat above 75%, you will get the ability to call him and have him come to you to sell you guns at a discount price.


  • Niko often complains about Jacob smoking marijuana. Jacob often replies with jibberish, so Niko just says nevermind.
  • Once you do all 10 drug delivery missions, the special colored Huntley Sport used to transport the "package" is yours to keep.

Note that if you lose the Huntley, it is very difficult to obtain another. They occasionally drive around the Homebrew Cafe.

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