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The Ballas
NameThe Ballas
LocationLos Santos
Gang ColorPurple


The Ballas are a gang located in Los Santos. They're featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. They are the main rivals of the Grove Street Families. The gang have been around since the 1970s. They are involved in prostitution and arms-dealing but mainly in the cocaine trade.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The Ballas are allied with the Aztecas at the start of the game, making life for the GSF very difficult, and to make things worse it turns out they also have connections with the San Fierro Rifas and the Los Santos Vagos, which means that the GSF are practically without allies. They are supplied drugs by the Loco Syndicate and weapons by the Russian Mafia. When Big Smoke betrays the GSF, the Ballas spread crack-cocaine throughout the Grove, losing the GSF members as they become addicted.

The Ballas gain complete control of Los Santos with the Vagos following the shooting and arrest of GSF's leader, Sweet. However, after Sweet is released and CJ returns to Los Santos, they are wiped out by the GSF and their Crack-Palace is destroyed by Frank Tenpenny during the riots.

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